The works below are examples of Vandenberg's style and could have been sold already. Please check with us about their availability.


' Peacedoves Of War '

Very Large, monumental new work on canvas (46,8x62,4 inches). 

Price on demand.

Backstage Birds&Snakes.


Recent work on canvas, 26.52x31.2 inch.

Price on demand.

'Wounded American Eagle'.


Recent work on canvas, 31,2x23,4 inches.

Price on demand.

Picking Order


Large work on canvas.

Dimensions: 39x39 inches.

Price on request.

'Survival Of The Fittest'.


Recent work on canvas, 39x39 inch.

Price on demand.



New work (2007) on canvas.

Dimensions: 31,2x23,4 inches.


Price on demand.

'Frogman with Dodo'


Recent, colourful work on canvas. 39x39 inches.

Price on demand.

"Everything Under The Sun".


Large work,Acrylic paint on canvas.

Dimensions 39x39 inches.

Price on demand.

"XS in AIX".


Original work. Oil/Mixed Media on paper.

Dimensions: 39x27,3 inches.

Price on demand.



Recent work on canvas, 23,4x31,2 cm.

Price on demand.